We have enthusiastic & highly skilled tutors for O Levels & A Levels.

Now 1st of all we will discuss the difference between them.

O Levels

O Levels stands for ordinary level.It is the 1st half part of the General Certificate of Education (GCE),the 2nd part being Advanced Level (A Level) which student enter after the completion of O Levels.It is an internationally recognized qualification and is considered to be the equivalent of Cambridge IGSCE and UK GSCE.


There are 40 subjects available to pick and choose from in any combination.Students can take 7-9 subjects for O Level examination.The maximum number of subjects a student can take being 14.The subjects are divided into six of the following groups:

Group 1:LanguagesSubjects-French,Spanish,German, etc.
Group 2: Humanities and Social Sciences                                   Subjects-Economics,Geography,Sociology,etc.
Group 3: SciencesSubjects-Physics,Chemistery,Biology,etc.
Group 4:MathematicsSubjects-Additional Mathematics, Mathematics D.
Group 5:Buisness, Technical  and CreativeSubjects-Economics, Accounting, Buisness Studies, etc.
Group 6: English Language and Literature.Subjects-English Language, English Literature, etc.

Cambridge sets the syllabus but gives the teachers freedom on how to conduct classes.

A Level

Advanced Level is the 2nd part of the General Certificate of Education. It is a two years course and is considered as standard assessment  of students in order to determine their candidacy for college & university education.


A minimum of five subjects graded between A*to C (including English and Mathematics) in either GSCE or O Levels are required in order  to qualify for the A Levels programme.

Remaining combination of subjects will be the same.

A Level course is generally considered to be very tough and is widely accepted among various universities worldwide. Cambridge is a  very challenging curriculum and sometimes you require the help of an expert to go through the tricky concepts. So, we are to assist with more than 1000 professionals of different schools such as LGS, Beacon house, Roots and other leading educational institutes.